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2015 Important Dates for Juniors

This is where to find up-to-date information.  More details about player registration will be posted soon.
April 1 - Player registration begins online
May 15 - Player registration closes at 5 PM
May 16 - Pros create club teams using registered players
May 27 - Schedules for play published online
June 1 -   Regular season play begins this week
Mondays 10&U Boys/Girls - June 1,8,15,22,29, July 6
Tuesdays 12&U Boys/Girls - June 2,9,16,23,30, July 7
Thursdays 13&U Boys/Girls - June 4,11,18,25, July 2.9
June 10 Tournament Registration begins (Doubles & Singles)
Fee is $5 (includes both Doubles & Singles)
June 23 Tournament site locations posted here
June 29    Final date to add players to rosters.  All players on roster will be responsible for JTL fee
July 6 Tournament Registration closes at 5 PM
July 7 Tournament Seeding Meeting (all pros)
July 9 Last day of regular season play
July 12 All regular season match scores must be entered
July 13 Tournament week begins
Monday, July 13 - Doubles Tournament (July 14 rain day)
Wednesday, July 15 - Singles Tournament (July 16 rain day)
Friday, July 17 - Singles Semis & Finals

Useful Information for you to Download

Click on the links below to download useful information

'The Code' - The Players' Guide to Fair Play and the Unwritten Rules of Tennis

2014 Results

Club Championship:
(Trophies will be awarded)
Small Club Champion:  Hilltop Tennis Club

Medium Club Champion:  The National Golf Club of KC

Large Club Champion:  Homestead Country Club

Season Match Play Division Winners:  (Banners will be displayed at your clubs!)
10&Under Boys Ads:  Milburn Country Club/Round Hill Tennis Club
10&Under Girls Ads:  Lake Quivira Country Club
12&Under Boys Ads:  The National Golf Club
12&Under Girls Ads:  Northland Racquet Club
13&Up Boys Ads:  Blue Valley Recreation
13&Up Girls Ads:  Homestead Country Club

10&Under Boys Aces:  Kansas City Country Club
10&Under Girls Aces:  Midtown Athletic Club
12&Under Boys Aces:  Carriage Club
12&Under Girls Aces:  Homestead Country Club
13&Up Boys Aces:  The National Golf Club
13&Up Girls Aces:  Hilltop Tennis Club

Doubles Tournament Results

Doubles Tournament Results:

10 &Under Boys Aces Doubles:
 Main Draw Winners:
W. Copaken/ P. Foote  (Carriage Club)
Consolation Draw Winners:
L. Johntz/W. Peryam  (Carriage Club)

10&Under Boys Ads Doubles:
Main Draw Winners:
R. Reid/P. Adriano  (Blue Hills CC)
Consolation Draw Winners:
J. Bortnick/A. Kim (Oakwood CC)

10& Under Girls Ads Doubles:
Main Draw Winners:
K. Wagner/M. Giffin, (Old Pike CC)
Consolation Draw Winners:
K. Good/C. Voerhoven,  (The National GC)

10& Under Girls Aces Doubles:
Main Draw Winners:
B. Langford/G. Stechschulte  (Homestead CC)
Consolation Winners:
C. Nachtigal/G.. Tucker  (IHCC/Woodside)

12& Under Ads Girls Doubles:
Main Draw Winners:
T. Brown/T. Brown  (The National CC)
Consolation Winners:
E. Roesner/L. Sandow  (Prairie Village)

12&Under Boys Ads:
Main Draw Winners:
M. Verhoven/T. Rouse  (The National CC)
Consolation Draw Winners:
H. Bair/H. Zeller  (Milburn CC)

12U Boys Aces Doubles:
Main Draw Winners:
H. Mosher/S. Owens (Indian Hills CC)
Consolation Draw Winners:
J. Marasco/O. Zinn  (Indian Hills CC)

12&Under Girls Aces:
Main Draw Winners:
A. Bichelmeyer/L. Ragland (Homestead CC)
Consolation Draw Winners:
E. Bichelmeyer/A. Stechschulte (Homestead CC)

13&Up Boys Ads Doubles:
Main Draw Winners:
Mikkelson/Mikkelson  (Homestead CC)
Consolation Draw Winners:
H. Leopold/J. Shaver  (Milburn CC)

13&Up Boys Aces Doubles
Main Draw Winners:
T. Nelson/W. Curran  (Indian Hills CC)
Consolation Winners:
T. Duval/A. True  (Prairie Village)

13&Up Girls Aces Doubles:
Main Draw Winners:
L. O'leary/M. Connor  (Carriage Club)
Consolation Draw Winners:
T. Trysla/C. Rieke  (Carriage Club)

13&up Girls Ads Doubles:
Main Draw Winner:
M. Thoma/S. Stechschulte (Homestead CC)
Consolation Draw Winner:
M. Thompson/M. Thompson (Hallbrook CC)

Singles Tournament Winners!


Main Draw Final's Winners played at Homestead CC, July 18th. 
  • 10&Under Boys Aces:  Pierson Foote (Carriage Club)
  • 10UBoys Ads:  Patrick Adriano (Blue Hills CC)
  • 10&UGirls Aces:  Lily Mason  (Kansas City CC)
  • 10&U Girls Ads:  Mallory Vance  (Woodside)
  • 12&U Boys Aces:  Joseph Schmidt  (Homestead CC)
  • 12&U Boys Ads:  Brandon Sherman  (Blue Valley Recreation)
  • 12&U Girls Aces:  Lidia Ragland  (Homestead CC)
  • 12&U Girls Ads:  Evan Sigars  (Northland RC)
  • 13&U Boys Ads:  Chase Mikkelson (Homestead CC)
  • 13&U Boys Aces:  Garrett Kincaid  (Hallbrook CC)
  • 13&U Girls Aces:  Hannah Tadros  (Midtown)
  • 13&U Girls Ads:  Meg Thoma  (Homestead CC)

Singles Consolation Draw Finals Winners played at Clayview CC, July 18th
  • 10&under Boys Ads:  Andrew Kim (Oakwood CC)
  • 10&UBoys Aces:  William Peryam  (Carriage Club)
  • 10&UGirls Ads:  Eva Kading  (Woodside)
  • 10&UGirls Aces:  Regan Wagstaff  (Kansas City CC)
  • 12&under Boys Aces:  Hudson Mosher (Indian Hills CC)
  • 12&UBoys Ads:  Caleb Kern  (Prairie Village)
  • 12&UGirls Aces:  Allison Brown  (Hilltop)
  • 12&UGirls Ads:  Mia Roman  (Meadowbrook CC)
  • 13&up Boys Aces:  Jack Mikkelson  (Homestead CC)
  • 13&UpB Ads:  Cooper Hayes (The National CC)
  • 13&UpGirls Aces:  Julia Munsell  (Hilltop)
  • 13&UpGirls Ads:  Katie Byers  (Hallbrook CC)

Contact person for each participating club, type name in email (locate person) and click on profile to send email

Blue Hills CC: Paul Schwerdtfeger 816-838-9026
Blue Valley Recreation:  Scott Enge  913-638-2970, Rainout number: 913-685-6099 ext 8 tennis team 
Lake Quivira CC: Tim Oberhelman  913-205-7251
Carriage Club:  Scott Schibig  816-309-5608                                
Clayview Country Club:  Andrew Shipp  785-230-0635                  
Midtown Tennis
(indoor):  Anthony Perkins  913-491-4160
Milburn Country Club:  Craig Gansen 816-665-6120/Tresa Carter 913-710-2669
Meadowbrook Golf & CCBradley Drummond  913-827-6274
Kansas City Country Club:
  Helen Wilson  913-236-2161
Genesis Tennis Academy
:  Ann Spivak  913-484-2240                 
Mission Hills Country Club:  Scott Herring  816-812-7077
Hallbrook:  Lisa Blair  913-369-5260                                                
National Golf Club
:  Carolina Mayorga-Perry 816-550-0475/ Rodolfo Guato 816-585-2622
Hilltop (indoor-13G's Aces outdoors):  Larry Yocum  816-309-0639                     
Northland Raquet Club (indoor):  Josh Wiedenfeld  816-842-8811
Homestead Country Club: Kevin Kowalik  913-302-3313               
Oakwood Country Club
:  Cassidy Mears  913-488-8669
Indian Hills Country Club:  Dale Eshelbrenner  816-506-3253           
Old Pike Country Club
:  Susan McFee  816-863-2468
City of Prairie Village:  Tracy Cooper 913-963-6867  or 913-381-6464 (Daniel Dulin)                        
Woodside Tennis Club: Rod Zerni/ Mary Pankiewicz 816-244-2891
Roundhill Tennis Club:   Lisa Erickson/Aaron Greenbaum  913-244-2864
City of Leawood:
  Ryan Zimmer (Midtown) 913-491-4160 or Brock Shaffer  913-339-6700x201
Current and Upcoming Events
REGISTRATION - JTL 2015 6/01/2015 7/17/2015
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Kansas City JTL Singles Tournament 2014 7/16/2014 7/16/2014
Other Events (Non-Series)
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REGISTRATION - JTL 2014 4/01/2014 7/18/2014
Kansas City JTL Singles Tournament Finals 2014 7/16/2014 7/18/2014
2014 JTL Season Match Play 5/16/2014 7/14/2014
Kansas City JTL Doubles Tournament 2014 7/14/2014 7/14/2014
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